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Volleyball Clinics (Grades 4 to 8) - Fall Schedule

This program runs once a week for 6 weeks on the following days this fall. Clinics are available on the following days. 

Tee-Volley and Coach Toss Volleyball - Fall Schedule

This program runs once a week for 8 weeks on the following days this fall.

  • Tuesday: Sept 13- Nov 1, 500-600p
  • Thursday: Sept 15-Nov 3, 600-700p
  • Sunday: Sept 18-Nov 6, 230p-330p

Program Fee: $100

How to Register:

Step 1:  Sign-up here

Step 2: Payment: Payment can be made on-line here or mail in check to PowerZone Volleyball 3 Luger Rd Denville, NJ 07834 

PowerZone Big League Youth Volleyball

PowerZone partners with youth organizations to run Big League Youth Volleyball, a competitive recreation program.

PowerZone's Big League Youth Volleyball is a recreational program for boys ages 10 to 18 (grades 5th through 12th) and girls ages 10 to 14 (grades 5th through 8th ). Practices are directed and run by PowerZone Volleyball. The fall season is runs, Sept-Nov. Teams will meet twice a week for 90-minute practices. Competitions will take place in West Milford, Sparta, Vernon or Denville.

Program Locations: Click location for more details.

PowerZone Boys Fall Locals Volleyball 2016

PowerZone Boys Fall Volleyball is a excellent way for beginning and intermediate players to develop their skills, enjoy some friendly competition, and have a great team experience. The fall program provides instruction, practice, and competition for boys ages 10 to 18 (grades 5th through 12th) PowerZone Boys Local is a non-travel club team program. Teams are organized by age and skill level. All practices and games are held on Sundays at PowerZone Volleyball Center in Denville NJ.  The fall season runs 10 weeks, Sept-Nov. 

How to Register:

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Follow us on-line and like us in person! 

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Friday Night Reverse Quad Team Sign-up

Team is pending until confirmed.

Beach Volleyball 2016 Team Sign-up

Please have each player pay for their spot. Team will be pending until each player is paid.

Cheers Beach Volleyball League

Beach Volleyball League

We have some exciting programs for the Summer.  Sand courts are open for adult league, pick-up and tournaments.   There will be a number of leagues. There are two courts and we will run a 6 week season with room for 5 teams in each league.  (4 weeks regular season and one play off week)


League Schedule:

Garden State Grand Prix 2016

2016 Garden State Grand Prix

Tournament Dates: One day tournament

PowerZone Playgroups Schedule

Playgroup Schedule


  • A/BB, B/BB Revers Quads 9-11pm - Team signup here
  • B/BB Coed Sixes Monday  830-1030pm
  • B/BB Coed Sixes ,  Tuesday  830-1030pm

Contact us  if you are unsure about levels. See this guide for levels.  Our membership director will assist you in finding the right fit.

Cheers Volleyball

Cheers Volleyball leagues offer competition, fun, statistics, and prizes!

2015-2016 League Schedule
  • Competitive Open Play Monday Night 9-11pm  Rev Co-ed Level (A/BB)
  • Competitive Open Play Friday Night 9-11pm  Rev Co-ed Level (A/BB)
Spring 2016
Summer 2016
  • Wednesday Night Sand League


Northern New Jersey Volleyball Club Meet-up Group

More opportunities to play at PowerZone.

There is a new Meet-up group forming that will be playing at PowerZone.  You can check the meet-up site and schedule of open-gyms.

Sign-ups are required for attendance. These events only run if the event fills. More details from the meet-up organizer.

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