2019 Jersey Shore Joust Vendors

This is an opportunity for vendors to get in front of parents, players, coaches and officials.   These are indoor USAV or AAU sanctioned tournaments and the age groups of the girls range from 13 to 18. Each tournament will have one age group and each Saturday we will have two seperate 8 to 10 team tournaments on 4 courts. Each of the 16-20 teams will have 12 or so players.  Each week generally will have a new age group and a new set of teams.  Estimated 350-450 people will be in the building from 9am - 5pm. 

Sample category of vendors include  clothing, jewelry, chair, massage, wellness products etc.  If you have a product that you think that would sell let us know. If you are interested in being a vendor at PowerZone Volleyball Tournaments please click the sign-up link below for the vendor application. 

Location:  Wildwood Crest Recreation Center Wldwood Crest, NJ 

Vendor Fee:   $50/ 6 ft table 

Payment: CANCELLATION- Exhibit space may be canceled fourteen (14) days prior to the exhibit date with a 50% refund. No refunds are offered after 14 days prior to exhibit date. No space allocation will be made, nor will this agreement be processed, without payment in full. Discounts are available for payment on all dates. 

Hours: The tournament will run Sat 8am to 8pm, Sun 8a -6pm. Teams arrive at 7am, start play at 8am. Traffic to booths will happen when teams are not playing.

Set-up: Doors open at 630am. Move in should happen BEFORE 7am It will be crowded after 7am and you will be fighting crowds. 

Accommodations:  Electricity: We do not have electricity in the vendor area. Tables & Chairs- at the moment we do NOT have tables and chairs. 

Event Info: Tournament dates.  5/11, 5/11, 5/18, 5/19. Tournaments will have generally 4-5 teams per pool,10-12 players per team and 1-3 family members per player.  Generally 1 or 2 waves per court. Ages range from 13 to 18.  Expect 80-100 player, parents and coaches per pool per wave.  So a 2 court/2wave venue would have 320-400 people.

Contact: joust@powerzonevb.com




Directions & Lodging

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