Tee-Volley Clinics

Age Group: Preschool - 1st Grade  (Ages 4-6)

Remember how fun tee-ball was? The excitement of learning how to play a new sport while mom and dad watched from the sidelines, cheering you on. It was all about the fun of it, all while developing the skills needed to move up in the sport. Introducing Tee-Volley; this twist on tee-ball allows youth, ages 4-6, to experience volleyball for the first time. Your child will learn the basics of volleyball in a safe and fun environment. Bring your child in to explore the wonders of volleyball! Watch as their smile widens, and new friendships are grown.

  • Smaller net and court for easier use
  • Lighter ball used to avoid injury and help the children have fun
  • "Tee" used to help children learn how to serve and spike at a young age
  • On-site coach personally teaches the children volleyball skills
  • Class is 45 mins
  • Click Sign-up for Schedue (Registration is easy and required)
  • $15/Class $135/10 class card


What It's All About:

In Tee-Volley Clinic, young children, grades preschool - 1, attend a once a week lesson  to learn simple volleyball skills. Safety is kept by using a smaller net, smaller court, and a lighter ball. A coach will help the children learn how to serve and spike by using a "tee" to hit off of. 


Directions & Lodging

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