Allegro Fall Locals

Fall Season (Mid September - Mid November)

Age Group: Grades 5 - 12

Have you ever wanted to play volleyball but had no clue where to start? Come on down to PowerZone Volleyball Center and join our Allegro Locals Club! This club allows you to learn and develop your volleyball skills in a professional, yet fun and easy, environment. Our coaches will help you step by step become a better volleyball player and team member. So come join us in learning the finer points to playing volleyball, and develop lasting friendships and your passion for volleyball along the way.

  • Professional environment for an easier time learning the skills needed to play volleyball
  • On-site coaching to help develop techniques and a tight-nit team
  • Guaranteed a spot on the team as long as spots are available
  • Monday and Wednesday practices (5 pm - 6:30 pm)
  • $400 registration fee
  • Once a year $50 fee (covers fall, winter, spring, and summer)

Sign-Up Here

What It's All About:

Allegro Local Teams are a fantastic way for beginning and intermediate players to develop their skills, compete in in-house tournaments, and have a great team experience. The Local program runs year round. The Fall season takes place from September through November. There are approx 9 players per team, and 2 teams share a practice court. Teams have a 90-minute practice on Mon and Wed. There is no travel or weekend commitment involved, except for some Saturday tournaments. Players can also get their own roster together and register as a team. Competitions (3 are held per session) take place at PowerZone on Saturday evenings. Spots in the Allegro Local program are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. Placement camps are then held at the beginning of each season in order to group players by level (Age 10-18).

Also Available for Sundays Only!! (Allegro Fall Sunday Locals)


Directions & Lodging

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