Jump Training

Fall Season (Mid September - Late November)

Age Group: Grades 9 - 12

Do you want to get better at not only volleyball, but at sports in general? Jump Taining is a program at PowerZone Volleyball Center that can help improve your physical foundation so you can increase your coordination, power management, kinesthetic awareness, reflexes, and explosiveness. You'll not only show improvement on the court, but in every physical aspect of your life. So come to PowerZone and let us help you achieve your athletic dreams!

  • Get better at volleyball by improving your physical foundation
  • Become the most explosive player on the court!
  • 1 lesson per week (1 hour lessons) for 8 weeks
  • $125
  • Available on Wednesdays and Sundays

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What It's All About:

Jump Training is an 8 week performance training program designed to improve agility and increase vertical jump. Volleyball is an incredibly complex game of coordination, power management, kinesthetic awareness, reactive speed, and explosiveness. This program builds the necessary foundation to enhance these athletic skills. There will be 1 lesson per week, 45 minutes long, for an 8 week period.


Directions & Lodging

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