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Private Lessons

PowerZone offers a group of coaches who provide private lessons.

Each instructor has been chosen for their wealth of coaching experience.

Private lessons are great for fine-tuning, correcting or learning a new skill in a one-on-one environment. A good, experienced coach will be able to identify a flaw in technique and then more importantly how to fix it. Fixing the flaw might be as simple as technique but in many cases the fix might involve finding the right "coaching" approach to get the player to fix the flaw. Most importantly, private lessons are the best opportunity available for the player to get a maximum amount of reps in whatever skill they desire while getting the full effect of one-on-one attention from the coach. Whether you want to work on passing, defense, setting, etc, our coaches can cater the style of the lesson to fit your needs.

Rates: Coaches are allowed to set their own rates. ($95-$125/person/hour  $15/additonal person/hour, $175/hour/group)

Coaches will instruct you on how to pay for your lesson at the time of booking. In the event you need to cancel a lesson it needs to be done by close of business the previous working day with confirmation from the coach to avoid being charged for a full lesson.

Call PowerZone Customer Service at 973-983-8208 to book your lessons today or contact the coach directly.

Maria Hedbeck:, 201-805-3245,
George Mon: 973-983-8208 x211
Alan Masone: 973-983-8208 x214

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