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Club Volleyball

“Do you play Club?” is something you hear around volleyball circles. The term club describes participating on teams playing in AAU or USAV tournaments. Club teams vary in size, training, levels and purpose. It can range from a parent organizing a small team to organizations that have multiple teams.


Allegro is the girls club that runs out of PowerZone Volleyball. (ages 8-18) Visit for more info.


PowerZone boys Local club program.  

The Local program is a non-travel program for grades 6 thru 10 ( ages 12 to 16).  This program is a sign-up and play, which means first come first serve with payment.  The program will have a schedule to grow into a travel program in the near future.  Let us know also if there is interest in weekday practices. 

Boys Travel Club Program (New 2016-2017)

A new boys travel club will be starting up this fall. A number of teams will be forming. If you are interested in this program please fill out this contact form.

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