Teacher Convention Camp

Fall Season (Days of teacher convention: 11/09 - 11/10)

Age Group: Grades 5 -12

Do you need something to do on those boring teacher convention days? PowerZone has the answer you've been looking for! Through our 2 day instructional camps, that run only on the days of teachers convention, not only will you be having fun the whole day, but you'll also be learning and developing your volleyball skills along the way! Use that waste of a day to come down to PowerZone and become a volleyball pro!

  • Boys and girls camps of all ages so everyone can come and have fun
  • On-site coaching for maximum benefit
  • Runs on the Thursday and Friday of teachers convention (11/09 - 11/10)
  • Very convenient for parents!
  • $165 per person (non-member)
  • $135 per person (member)

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What It's All About:

This camp is a unique experience that is offered on the specific Thursday and Friday that teachers convention is held on. There are boys and girls camps for children, grades 5 -12, that will help them further develop their volleyball skills while mom and dad are at work.


Directions & Lodging

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