College Recruiting Showcase (Girls)

Takes place on December 9th, 2017

Age Group: Grades 9 -12

You're almost there, so close to playing volleyball at the college of your dreams. The next question is, how do I get noticed by the coach? Take the next step in the recruitment process and come join us, here at PowerZone Volleyball Center, for our college showcase! Invite your favorite coach, many will already be here, to watch as you dominate the competition and win a scholarship! Gain the edge in the recruitment process by taking advantage of this incredible opportunity and showing your skills to coaches around the country.

  • Live streaming service to ensure maximum reach
  • Personalized showcase by performing in the position you wish to play at in college
  • Easier exposure than playing in a tournament
  • Possibility of meeting your future college coach
  • Recruitment seminar for you and your family included (to help you fully understand the recruitment process)
  • Takes place December 2nd
  • Only $35, much more financially friendly than playing in a tournament

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What It's All About:

The college showcase is the perfect opportunity for any girl, senior, juniors, or junior college attendees, to get her name out there to college coaches. A small fee will allow each girl to show her stuff both to coaches on scene, and coaches all over the country through a live streaming service. The girls will show off their skill set through multiple activities that will show different, but important, skills. These activities include: individual skills, small group drills, position work, and game play. Each girl and her family will also be given a lesson on recruitment and what they should be expecting from the recruitment process. This will take place on December 2nd.


Directions & Lodging

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