Fall Season (Beginning September - Beginning January)

Do you want to play volleyball but aren't sure if you're good enough to join a league? No problem! Come to PowerZone Volleyball Center and join one of our many Playgroups! The beauty about Playgroups is everyone plays, whether you're new to the sport of a seasoned veteran. All you have to do is play and have fun; so bring your friends and sign up as a team, or come by yourself and let your team-mates become your new friends!

  • User friendly: anyone and everyone can play!
  • Sign up with friends for some great bonding time
  • Equal skill level for games that are nice and friendly, to games that are filled with competition
  • Playgroup poo-bah will take care of all the logistics, all you have to do is have fun!
  • Runs for 6 weeks
  • Comes in many forms: Coed B, Coed Beginner, and Coed Open Gym!!
  • $85 per person (non-member)
  • $75 per person (member)

What It's All About:

Playgroup is a year round event that allows anyone to play the sport of volleyball. No matter what the person's skill level, a group will be found for them so they will have fair competition with others in their skill range. A player can sign up with a team of friends, or by them self. The team, or individual player, is then evaluated by a PowerZone coach and put in the appropriate playgroup league. Each team consists of 6-7 member (12-14 members per court). A playgroup poo-bah, or administrator, makes sure the game runs smoothly and manages the playgroup as a whole.


Directions & Lodging

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