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League Rules 2015-2016

League Rules 2015-2016


  1. Court Rules: Please see PowerZone rules and policies for rules in general. For example: Please do not play in the shoes you walk in from the street. Dirt and water makes the floor slippery and unplayable and rocks caught in your shoe cut the floor. Indoor volleyball shoes please. Also Please do not hang on the nets.

  2. Check-In: Court assignments will be provided during check-in at the front desk. All players must go to the front desk and check-in upon arrival to the facility. Memberships must be current in order to participate. All payments must be made prior to the first match of the regular season.

  3. Warm-up Time: Teams playing their first match of the night and without an open court to warm-up on are allowed 5 minutes to warm-up. There will be no warm ups in between your team's first and second match of the night.

  4. Forfeit Rules: A 6's match can be played with 5 players and a quads match can be played with 3 players. If at the start of a match a team has less than five players or less than 3 players for quads, they get a 10 minute grace period from the start time.   After 10 minutes, the team forfeits the first set. After 25 minutes the team forfeits the second set and after 40 minutes the team forfeits the entire match. During wait time the court can still be used by the two teams to play for fun, but the forfeits will stand.

  5. Ghost Rule: Playing with less that a full team, "ghost player will be used." When it is the ghost player's spot in the rotation to serve, your team will lose serve and the rally point, except in the case of set point where you will only lose the ball (you cannot lose a game on the ghost rule). 

  6. Time-outs: 2 per game. (30 sec)

  7. Co-ed Touch Rule: If your team makes more than one touch on the ball before sending it over the net, a guy and a girl must both touch the ball. If you are playing with less than four people the co-ed touch rule will be eliminated and the ghost rule will be in effect.

  8. Game Ball: game ball is provided and must be used. Men: Molten Pro-Touch, Reverse Quads: Molten Super Touch

  9. Format & Game-Time: Each match will consist of 3 games, rally scoring to 25. If the third game starts later than 45 minutes passed the hour, it will be played to 15. All three game will be played regardless of the outcome of the first two. Each game will have a scoring cap of 28 (18 in games to 15)

  10. Substitutions: There is no limit for substitutions. Method of substitution can either be for same player as stated in USAV rules or by maintaining service order with players in a loop. Method must be consistent for the match.

  11. Replacement Players: Players can be added to your roster up until the halfway part of the season. Players cannot be taken off of other teams and placed on different teams. A player must participate in 30% of the regular season matches in order to be eligible for the postseason. This means in quads you must play 2 of the 7 weeks and in sixes you must play 3 of the 8 weeks to be eligible to play in the post season. NO exceptions.

  12. Opponent Exceptions: Do not ask the other team for an exception to any rule.

Click here for league rule handout

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