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Rules of Play

Rules of Play

All play shall be governed by the official USA Volleyball indoor rule except changes noted here. For example: Please do not use the net rule in open gym, or the centerline rule.  While these are not official current USAV rules. We believe these rules do not add to the game and pose a dangerous situation at the net.

  1. Service: one toss on serve. 5 Seconds net serve rule is used.

  2. Lift: Ball must be contacted clearly and not held, pushed, lifted, caught or thrown. Ball cannot roll or come to rest on any part of the player's body. Double contact is allowed on the first contact. Players may not contact the ball with 2 separate and consecutive motions.

  3. Center-Line: (old USAV rule) Players may not step completely across the center line (under the net).

  4. Kicking ball : Players are allowed to kick the ball. (not on serve)

  5. Net Play: Incidental net rule is not used. A net is a net. Hair is not a net violation but does count on a ball contact. Shirt is a net violation.

  6. Simultaneously contact. If 2 players simultaneously contact the ball, it counts as one hit. Both players may play the next ball.

  7. First ball multiple contacts. Multiple contacts are allowed on the 1st ball.

  8. Block: Does not count as first touch. And does not change the multiple contact rule.

  9. Joust / Block: If 2 or more opponents simultaneously contact the ball over the net the ball remains in play. The receiving team gets another 3 hits. If the ball lands out it is out on the team on the opposite side of the net.

  10. Libero: Libero may serve for one player position. Teams using libero rule must have uniform shirts. Libero may NOT hand set a ball to be attacked ball. Libero may hit from behind the 10 ft line so long as the complete ball is below the hight of the net.

  11. Out of Play: A wall, drop nets, I-beam, columns and referee stands are out of play. Ceiling and anything attached to the ceiling is in play. Balls off the ceiling and anything attached to the ceiling and over to the other side of play is out. All beams along the wall are considered part of the wall. The large I-Beam between court 1&3 , court 2&4 are out of play. As is the I-Beam between court 3&5 and court 4&6

  12. Adjacent court: Players may not cross the white line or step onto adjacent courts (applied to matches on courts 1 and 2).

USAV rules click here.

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