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PowerZone Playgroups


Playgroups one of our most popular program where players with common interests or similar levels meet regularly to play. For example a playgroup for woman's b level playing sixes on Tuesday morning. A playgroup poo-bah (administrator/muckymuck) manages each playgroup to ensures that the playgroup runs smoothly. Playgroups have their own reserved court time.

Format: Each playgroup has defined skill level, competitive level, 12 to 14 members per playgroup. Playgroups are scheduled for 7 or 8 weeks with a rolling schedule. We will skip some holidays.  Summer sessions may be shorter.

Getting started.  Playing volleyball starts with contacting the PowerZone membership director. We will assist you in finding the right playgroup, team or program to participate in. You'll be invited to attend the next "PowerZone Cafe" where other new members will get a chance to meet the staff, mix and play some volleyball. Our staff will then find the right fit for you among the different volleyball programs available.  Fill out a contact form here or give us a call at 973-983-8208.  If you are a beginner player you can sign-up for the beginner playgroup directly at our online store here.

Have a group?  If you are interested in starting a playgroup or have a playgroup suggestion, contact George at 973-983-8208 x211  

FAQ's & RAQs

Frequently and Rarely asked questions

How do I get in a play group? Get started by letting us know you want to play and our membership manager will help find you the appropriate group that has openings and invite you to play. If its a good fit then we will add you to the group. We can also invite you to a playgroup who needs a player for the week and add you as standby until a spot opens up.

Are there "subs" for playgroup members? If subs as in people who play in your place? NO. There are no subs or refunds for missed nights. The activity pass is non-transferable. If you will not be able to play next week please check in at the desk the week prior and let the us know. We will then invite players from the groups standby list.

Are there guests or walk-ins for playgroups? Yes and no. The idea for playgroups is that we have enough and not too many to play.  So yes if we need more people to play we will open the group to walk-ins.

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