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Membership & Activity Fees 2016

Membership Saves you money!

  • Save $5 OFF on Open Gyms (25%)
  • 10% Discount in the Volleyball Store

Membership is required for leagues and open gyms. Many activities have a member discount.  Photo identification is required for age verification and  liability agreement.   Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable. Effective 2014 -2015 memberships are for 12 months or 3 months.

Individuals Memberships

  • Adult (24-67)
  • Junior (18 & Under)
  • Young Adult (19-23)
  • Older Adult (68 years and older)

Family Memberships. All members will have the same start and end dates.

  • Family Membership (Single parent, legally registered domestic and civil union partners, or husband and wife, living together as a family including their children through age 23)
  • Older Adult Family Membership (Husband and wife, or legally registered domestic and civil union partners, living together, both 68 years and older)

Membership Prices:

  • Adult:  $25/12 months,  $15/3 months
  • Junior : $15/12 months
  • Young Adult: $15/12 months
  • Older Adult: $15/12 months
  • Family: $50/12 months
  • Older Family: $25/12 months


To participate in playgroups indivuduals must be a basic member and activity pass.

Activity Passes

Sign-up for a year and play once a week for Five Bucks a week!  50-70% discount depending on how much you play. 

The 12ONE  - play once a week for a year. $275 + basic membership. 

Other options:

  • 12ONE ($300)
  • 12TWO ($375)

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