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Camps and Clinics

We offer volleyball camps and clinics year round.  Summer camps start end of June. Teachers convention camp is on Thursday & Friday before veterans day.  Holiday camp will be around Christmas and New Years. Spring camp is around easter.  2017 Summer Camp Schedule will be available shortly.   Join us for our 20th year running volleyball camps.
New for this year is a special summer camp with College oaches running camp. This camp will provide elite high school Jrs & Srs a college practice experience, get to know some college coaches.
Camps Offered
  • All Skills Instructional Camp
  • All Skills Intermediate Camp
  • All Skills Advanced Camp 
  • Advanced Positional Camp
  • Youth Instructional Camp
  • Tee-Volley & Coach Toss Camp
  • On-site Team Camp
All Skills Instructional Camp Teaches and reinforces the foundations of volleyball to improve individual and team skills: serving, passing, setting, hitting, digging, blocking, offense and defense. Avaliable for grades 9-12 and  grades 6-8 as a 4 day camp or 4 evening camp. Separate camps for Boys and Girls.
All Skills Intermediate Camp: Focuses on further development of individual skills as well as offensive and defensive systems.  First-time campers should start in the instructional level, however you can move up to intermediate and advanced groups if you meet the skill requirements. Avaliable for grades 9-12 and  grades 6-8 as a 4 day camp or 4 evening camp. Separate camps for Boys and Girls.
All Skills Advanced Camp Highest level camp focused on learning elite skills and systems. Avaliable for grades 9-12  as a 4 day camp or 4 evening camp.
Advanced Positional Camp:  Camp is set at an advanced level and is designed to train players in their specific positions.Register as either a setter or hitter (middle, outside or opposite). Avaliable for grades 9-12  as a 4 morning or  4 evening camp. 
Youth Instructional Camp:Introduces the basic fundamentals of volleyball to younger players (ages 8 to 12) . Learn all the essentials and see how much fun the sport can be!  Separate camps for Boys and Girls. Avaliable for grades 6-8 as a 4 morning or  4 evening camp. 
Tee-Volley & Coach Toss Camp Tee-Volley is a modified version of volleyball for children ages 4-6. This clinic eliminates the common challenges that come with the game of volleyball by using a shorter net, smaller court, a lighter ball and a "tee" for the players to serve and spike off.Coach-Toss is for children ages 7-9 looking to experience what volleyball is all about. This clinic has been designed with their age and ability in mind; we will be using modified equipment, drills and techniques to make learning the game fun.  Available as a 1 hour/day 4 day camp. This camp is boys and girls combined.
On-site Team Camp: This camp is held at your school.  Camp will be designed for your team's needs.(18 player min.  Hours are the same as day camp. No other discounts apply. 

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