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Summer Camp Alumni Riding High!

Please congratulate Michaela Putnicki, a PowerZone Summer Camp Alumni. She has earned a full-ride to Penn State.  Mom recently wrote us to tell us the news. (please read below) 

GO  Michaela!  PowerZone will be rooting for you when you hit the courts at Penn State!  


Hello Alan,

I felt compelled to write you to tell you what an impact attending a Powerzone summer camp in 2010 had on my daughter,  Michaela Putnicki.  I don't know if you remember her but she was a 6th grader who was visiting NJ from Colorado ...  You were excellent motivators as she won every challenge that you guys offered up for an ice cream award!  Great confidence was instilled in her by your camp.  ...  We didn't even know what club volleyball was back then!  After your camp, we checked out Colorado clubs and she has played ever since.

Well, fast forward to 2017 and I asked her to give me volleyball t-shirts that were meaningful over the years so I could make them into a quilt for a graduation present.  I was really surprised that the Powerzone camp shirt was one of them that she picked!  She has had a very successful career so far: her teams have went to nationals every year since she was 13 and have won national qualifiers. Her high school team has been state champions 3 out of 4 years.  They were even #1 in the nation by Maxpreps in 2014 so she has so many shirts to choose from!   
She explained to me that Powerzone started it all for her.  Michaela went on to become 2017 Colorado Gatorade POY,  AVCA All-American, PrepVolleyball Senior Ace and she has earned a full-ride to Penn State and will be attending there this fall.  I'd guess you'd say your camp was her initial inspiration!  
I've attached a picture of her and the quilt.  I just wanted to write to say thank you ...
Best Regards,
Michele Putnicki

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