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Levels and Formats of Play

Age groups:

  • Youth - Ages 4 to10, (Pre-K to  Grade 4)
  • Junior - Ages 11 to18, (Grades 5 to 12)
  • Adult - 18+
  • Masters - Starts at 35+ at USAV Nationals - but generally varies

Junior Level:  Levels of play for juniors are seperated into age groups then levels.  This guide is for a general reference.

Age: Each age is a one group. USAV/AAU season starts on  Sep 1. So for example for this year, what ever age you are on Aug 30 2014  is the age group you belong in.  Players are allowed to play up an age group. On the allegro site there is a more details description (click here) At the regional (tristate) level there are open and club divisions. Open being higher level.  

Adult Level:  Levels of play will follow adult USAV divisions.  This guide is for a general reference. 

Level Description Skill Set
Open Highest level player.  Professional and top division I collegiate players are in this level.   Players that can do everything with power, speed, touch and control. Triple blocks, Back-row attack is part of the offense.
AA Highly skilled players.  Top level players are in this level. The separation between Open & AA will be size, quickness and power.
A Skilled players.  College/HS/Club trained players are in this level. Players here have been well trained and can execute skills and techniques consistently at a high level. The separation between BB & A will be the level of consistency.
BB Players here can execute skills and techniques consistently.  The BB game is more complex, athletic, powerful, faster and consistent than lower levels.   It includes combination attacks, deception and less errors. Jump Serves, Quick Sets, Combination attacks, double blocks in the middle.
B Players at this level and above are competitive. Play is skilled, but needs to improve in consistency. Each player can pass, set, and attack. Everybody here knows the game well and is able to execute plays.  You should know how to play a 6-2 and 5-1 system (indoor sixes). Generally this is the starting level at USA Volleyball. Serve, Pass, Set, Attack, Block, Dig, Systems 6-2, 5-1
B- Beginner: Players at this level are working at getting all the fundamental skills. Almost B level.
Recreational Players here are playing to  have fun.  Beginner to long timer. Skills will vary

Indoor vs Outdoor Formats: See USA Volleyball

  • Outdoor Beach rules
  • Outdoor Grass rules
  • Indoor rules

Adult Divisions and Formats: (Sixes, Quads, Doubles)

  • Men's
  • Women's
  • Coed (Men's Net)
  • Reverse Coed (Woman's Net)


  • Men's Sixes & Woman's Sixes: This is the regular volleyball format. See USA Volleyball for rules or event rules.
  • Reverse CoEd 6's: Game is played at women's net heights. Official USAV rules do not allow men to attack at all.
  • Reverse Coed 4's: Game is played at women's net heights. There are no official USAV rules for R4's  Accepted rules: Men may not jump and attack the ball from in front of the attack line.  Some events will have an "upward trajectory rule" for inside the attack line hits. They may drive the ball over the net from a standing position as long as the ball is not driven downward. Men may not block at the net at all, from either a standing or jumping position. Men may set the ball over the net from only a standing position.  See event rules for specifics.
  • Coed 6's Game is played at men's net height. Official USAV rule calls for a female to contact the ball if there is more than one hit on the play. See USA Volleyball for complete set of rules or your event rules.


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