Get ready to learn how to play and have some fun and exercise!  Clinics run year round minus holidays. Enroll to take clinics and then book each class on our booking calendar. Contact us at with any questions. Details:

  • Boys and Girls Grades 4 and up, 45 Mins clinic
  • Clinics:
    • First Skills
    • Developing Skills
  • Pricing:
    • Classes are just $15 each.
    • Class Pass: Unlimited classes.
      • Annual Class Pass: $275
      • 3 Month Class Pass $175.
      • 1 Month Class Pass $75.
Player Registration and Waiver

Please enroll player prior to booking camps or clinics.

AAU Membership

AAU membership is required for participation. Insurance for our practices are covered thru AAU insurance. Sports accident coverage is provided for properly registered players who are injured during practice or games. Coverage is excess medical and becomes primary only if there is no other coverage. If you play AAU basketball or other AAU sports you may have a membership already.   Look up here to see if you have a current membership.

Select volleyball and Select POWERZONE as your club when you sign-up. Club Code: RSE3DAX4 


Book Your Clinic

Free clinic* - Your first clinic is free. The free clinics run around the first Friday of each month. 

Signup is required for all clinics. (Can't just show up)

Pricing: Classes are just $15 each. Class Pass: Unlimited classes. Annual Class Pass: $275, 3 Month Class Pass $175. 1 Month Class Pass $75.

*AAU membership is required.

Simply the Best Volleyball Programs Anywhere! Get ready to learn how to play, train to compete with a team, have some fun and exercise! Get started and join the fun with PowerZone Volleyball kids and junior clinics. We give young athletes the elements of the game to get them started and excited to play the game. Your child will get expert instruction, exercise, build confidence and fall in love with the game! Learn the game with proper skills in our: First and developing skills clinics for grades 4 and up. We also have Camps and Academy for grades 5 and up, and Team programs for grades 5 and up.


  • High level expert instruction
  • Separate age and leveled programs
  • Programs starting Pre K to High School
  • Player development system training players in stages.
  • Exercise and Fun in one of the most popular youth sports in the US


  • Since 1997, PowerZone Volleyball has trained thousands of players who have continued on to play, to make their school and club teams, to win county and state championships, to play in college, to just play and to become coaches.
  • Players are separated by ages and skill levels creating optimal learning environments and accelerate success.
  • Tee-Volley is an exclusive PowerZone program for PreK and first graders getting started in Volleyball.
  • Players have the benefit of proven methodology where skills are taught in stages from first skills, developing skills, advanced and high performance skills.  
  • Sports plays an important role for today’s youth and getting ahead in volleyball will give your child a head start in a competitive high school and collegiate sport.

We are number #1 not because we say so, it is because we have repeated success and successful players. We know our systems and our coaches can teach and improve your child ... let us prove it.