Get ready to learn how to play and have some fun and exercise! 

  • Adult Beginner
  • 45 Mins

Get started and join the fun in this great sport with PowerZone Volleyball Clinics.  Clinics use the PowerZone Player development program for training players in stages. Our First skills clinic will focus on Bump pass, Bump set, proper jump and hit and serving overhand.


Current Schedule

  Mon Wed Fri
First Skills Clinic 615p 615p TBA

Clinic Options

  1. Drop Single Clinics $15 
  2. 7 Week Clinic Subscription $85/ 7 weeks  
  3. Annual Clinic Class Card $225: offers a year of volleyball clinics 

Fees are non-refundable.

Step 1 Register and do waivers on-line. 

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  • Click on Activities and book a clinic
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  2. Please use hand sanitizer entering and leaving the court area. The goal is to keep our hands clean and the ball clean.  DO NOT TOUCH your face.   Lets do our best not to touch our face.
  3. DO NOT PLAY if you are sick.


Adult Beginner Open Gym  7-830p (Mon & Wed) 

  • $10  with clinic at 615p
Clinic Descriptions

Clinics follow the PowerZone Player Development System. The system is a structured program that consists of four stages. 

  1. First Skills
  2. Developing Stage
  3. Advanced Skills Stage
  4. High Performance Stage

Each stage consists of a skills set that gets the player playing volleyball at the next level quickly. The stages build on the previous stage. 

First Skills Clinic will cover skills to get beginning players playing volleyball quickly.  All beginners

  • Over hand serving,
  • Bump Pass,
  • Bump Set,
  • Jump and hit
  • Blocking

Developing Skills Clinic will cover core set of individual skills. Next level up from First Skills

  • Serving,
  • Bump Pass,
  • Hand Set,
  • Approach footwork
  • Blocking
  • Digging