Adult Club Volleyball is back at PowerZone!  Get out your kneepads and on the court for practice! Teams are forming for the Spring. If you have a few players or close to a full team contact us and we can fill out your team with individuals interested in participating.  There will be beginner groups.  (info@powerzonevb.com)

  • Ages 19 and older
  • Men and Women teams
  • Levels: B/BB/A/AA (B is lower)





Tentative practice time slots

  • Tue 1p-230p, 715p-845p, 845-10p (Denville)
  • Thu 1p-230p, 715p-845p, 845-10p (Denville)
  • Mon 830p-915p (Sparta)




  • PowerZone Volleyball, Denville, NJ
  • House of Sports, Sparta, NJ
  1. All Players Must register as individuals.
  2. Players may join as a team or the beginnings of a team and will add players to form a team.


  • 7 practices
  • $125/player
  • Drop-ins are welcomed if space is available ($20)


Team can enter leagues or tournaments. Each team can determine their own play schedules.



  • Coach will run practice for about 45 Min.
  • Instruction and drills.


  • Teams will scrimmage for the 2nd half of practice.
  • Generally there will be 2 teams of 7-8 players and enough to play.




  • Is there a free trial class?  You are welcome to view practice to get an idea of what the practice is like. There is no free trial.
  • What is the level of play?  This is always a difficult question. Level of play requires a evaluation and can be evaluations can be subject to the evaluator. Come view the different practices and decide for yourself.
  • Is there Drop-in? Yes once we assign you to a team you can be a drop-in if space is available.
  • What if I miss a week? As long as you tell us ahead of time and we can get the word out for a dropin you will get credit for the week or you can drop in on another team.