Adult Club Volleyball! Get out your kneepads and on the court for practice! Teams are forming. If you have a few players or close to a full team contact us and we can fill out your team with individuals interested in participating.  There will be beginner groups.  (

  • Ages 19 and older
  • Men and Women teams
  • Levels: B/BB/A/AA (B is lower)

Play official organized volleyball? USA Volleyball (USAV) is the National Governing Body (NGB) for the sport of volleyball in the United States. USAV and other organizations such as AAU or JVA organizes and sanctions formal adult volleyball competitions. These competitions will follow USAV rules and regulation. Competitions are officiated by USAV/AAU referees. In general all official rules and guidelines are applied. It is the real game!

How does it work? There is a schedule of competitions in the area and around the country. Events have a format. Formats vary. Formats can be pool play of matches and play offs. It can be half day, full day, multi-day. Teams enter tournaments. Teams are organized by players. USAV/AAU hosts an annual adult national championships. Regions are local organizations that hosts regional USAV or AAU events.

Teams: People organize team(s). Some teams just play. Some teams practice every week. Some teams are self run. There are clubs that organize multiple teams, hire coaches etc.

PowerZone will help you get started on forming a team. Contact:

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