Grass Tournaments

Get outside and enjoy the summer with some volleyball! 2021 Registrations are up!

Additional Events for M2 & W2 will be added. 






  • Girls Quads (18/17O, 160, 16C, 150, 15C, 14O, 14C)
  • Boys Quads (18/17O, 16/15C)


  • Rev Coed Doubles (A/AA, BB, B)
  • Any Triples (BB, B)


Stefan Tatarenko Memorial Park (formerly Robin Hood Park)
55 Broadale Avenue
Clifton, NJ 07013 

  • Rest Rooms available
  • No Food sold on site
  • We will NOT have a trainer.


Registration requires Team registration and Individual registration. Registration on PowerZone website is the only method of entry. We may not have day of entry or payment. (Will see how the social distancing plan goes)

Team Registration

Register with link above. One per team.

Player Registration

If you would like to play and don't have a team - register as free agent.

$30.00 per adult player, $20.00 if you are 18 or under on the day of the tournament. We will be strictly enforcing the late fee surcharges, $5.00 per player if pre-registered, $10.00 per player if registering the day of.  

Enter Team Captain Name as customer ID.





Prizes will be awarded to 1st and 2nd place finishers.  



  • All Rally scoring (director reserves the right to shorten games as time requires)
  • You may participate in one level of play per day (i.e. women's on Sat. and Co-ed on Sun.)
  • All divisions to be divided into pools of 4, 5, 6, or 7 teams, we reserve the right to move teams between levels
  • The top 2 or 3 teams (depending on size of pool) will advance into single elimination playoffs

Net Fault

  • There is continuation outdoors, therefore contact with the net after the ball is dead remains a fault
  • The net includes net, bungee, guide ropes, pegs, poles, and pole plates
  • Hair contacting the net is not a fault
  • Clothing contacting the net is a fault
  • A falling article of clothing i.e. hat, sunglasses, or visor is not a fault if it hits the net
  • It is not a fault if contact with the net is from the wind blowing the net, or the ball hitting the net into the player


  • In order for a player to interfere with an opposing player two things must occur
  • The at fault player must have completely crossed the centerline (below the net) with all or part of his or her body (hands and feet may be on the centerline, all other body parts may not contact the opposing court)
  • The at fault player must contact an opposing player or cause the player to alter his or her attempt at playing the ball
  • If contact is made while neither player has crossed under the net, there is NO fault by either player


  • The server shall contact the ball with one hand or any part of the arm after clearly tossing or releasing the ball and before the ball touches the ground
  • You may use 2 service tosses to execute a legal serve, once a legal serve has been made you may have 2 more service tosses to execute another legal serve
  • The serve may NOT contact the net at any time
  • No kick serves
  • A legal serve must pass between and not over or outside of the net poles (poles are the antennas)
  • A serve is never a driven ball
  • No open hand receive of service is allowed


  • A hand set may not be set over the net unless the flight of the ball is square to the setter's shoulders (forwards or backwards)
  • A hand set that drifts over the net unintentionally and is not square to the setters shoulders is a fault or backwards)
  • A hand set may not be held,  A hand set may not spin more than 1 1/2 (rotations in any direction)
  • Open, AA - Set must be clean not held or thrown, called very tight - no spin

Beach Digs

  • You may only beach dig a driven ball (a ball is considered driven if, after contact by the attackers hand, it has a downward trajectory)
  • It is a fault to beach dig a serve or a roll shot no matter how hard it is hit
  • If a driven ball contacts a net or a blocker and the flight of the ball remains downward it may be beach dug

Reverse Co-ed

  • If a male player makes contact with the ball while in front of the 10 foot line he must not contact the ball while any part of the ball is above the plane of the net causing it to go to the opponents playing space
  • Male player may not block, this includes soft blocking (if the male player put his hands up in a defensive manner while in front of the 10 foot line, he may not contact the ball while it is above the plane of the net)
  • A male player is considered in front of the 10 foot line if either of his last two contacts are in front of, or in contact with, the 10 foot line


  • A block is NOT considered the teams first contact (three contact remain after a touch of the block)
  • You may not misdirect a block, you may however push the block over as long as it is square to your shoulders


  • All contacts must be clean touches with the exception of beach digs, NO open hand tips at any time

Tie Breakers Pool Play

  • Head to head won loss record
  • Head to head point differential
  • Overall point differential
  • Coin Flip

Seeding in playoffs

  • Seed first place teams by won loss record and overall point differential if there is still a tie, flip a coin
  • Seed second place teams by the seed of the first place team in their pool, so as not to meet until the finals

Tournament director decisions on seeding and rule interpretations are final
We reserve the right to move a team up or down a level to even out pools and/or combine levels

GARBAGE - You are responsible for whatever you bring in. We will have garbage bags available. We ask that you take your garbage for your tent to the dumpster at the end of the day when you leave.  Please do not leave anything by nets or on the ground for us to pick up. That includes items that are biodegradable such as banana peels, orange peels etc... We need to leave the field as clean as it was before we arrived.


  1. FACE MASKS - You will need to wear face masks at anytime unless you are playing, or sitting in your own tent. If you are walking around the field for any reason, please put on a mask until you are back to your tent. You do not need to wear a mask walking to your court to play, we ask that when the game is finished you head straight back to your tent. 
  2. TENTS - You cannot set up tents in rows, each tent needs to be set up at least 6 ft apart. In each tent there can be no more than 5 people in the tent at all times. The people allowed in your tent have to be either someone you came with, your playing partner or came with your playing partner.  If not  they are not allowed in your tent. You are not allowed to visit other peoples tents.
  3. EQUIPMENT - Bring your own balls to warm-up, we will providing game ball for players. Also please bring your own sanitizer, we will have what we can available, but just like everyone else we cannot buy in bulk and it is hard for us to get our hands on it. Sanitize hands before the start of the game, The game ball is clean. 
  4. The goal is to keep our hands clean and the game ball clean.  DO NOT TOUCH your face. If you do you will need to sanitize your hands before play is resumed.  So if the ref calls hands and it wasn't setting - you probably touched your face.  After the play sanitize hands.   Lets do our best not to touch our face.
  5. DO NOT PLAY if you are sick.  Please fill out this health screen survey in the morning.
  6. While temperature isn't the only symptom we will have a temperature check.



  1. Junior: Open is Higher, Club is Lower
  2. Juniors may play up ages groups.
  3. Juniors: Your age on the day of the tournament is the youngest age group you can play in


  • AA is higher, B is lower
2021 Dates


  • Saturdays: Girls Quads (Open 18/16/14, Club 18/16/14) 
  • Saturday: Boys Quads (Open 18/16 Club 18/16)
  • Sundays: Reverse Coed (AA, A, BB, B) 
  • Sunday: Any Triples (A, BB, B)


  • Sat Jul 10 / Sun Jul 11  (Registration for Saturday is low and will not run) 
  • Sat Jul 24 / Sun Jul 25
  • Sat Aug 07 / Sun Aug 08
  • Sat Aug 21 / Sun Aug 22