Adult Club Volleyball is back at PowerZone!  Get out your kneepads and on the court for practice! Teams are forming for the Spring. If you have a few players or close to a full team contact us and we can fill out your team with individuals interested in participating.  There will be beginner groups.  (info@powerzonevb.com)

  • Ages 19 and older
  • Men and Women teams
  • Levels: B/BB/A/AA (B is lower)





Tentative practice time slots

  • Tue 1p-230p, 715p-845p, 845-10p (Denville)
  • Thu 1p-230p, 715p-845p, 845-10p (Denville)
  • Mon 830p-915p (Sparta)




  • PowerZone Volleyball, Denville, NJ
  • House of Sports, Sparta, NJ
  1. All Players Must register as individuals.
  2. Players may join as a team or the beginnings of a team and will add players to form a team.


  • 7 week program
  • $125/player


Team can enter leagues or tournaments. Each team can determine their own play schedules.



  • Coach will run practice for about 45 Min.
  • Instruction and drills.


  • Teams will scrimmage for the 2nd half of practice.
  • Generally there will be 2 teams of 7-8 players and enough to play.




  1. FACE MASKS - Requirements TBA. will likely be required to play.
  2. EQUIPMENT - Practice balls will be provided. Balls are sanitized after each practice.  Also please bring your own sanitizer, Sanitize hands before the start of the game. 
  3. The goal is to keep our hands clean and the ball clean.  DO NOT TOUCH your face. If you do you will need to sanitize your hands before play is resumed.   Lets do our best not to touch our face.
  4. DO NOT PLAY if you are sick.
  5. While temperature isn't the only symptom we will have a temperature check.


Women's Spring Club Season - Denville
  • Location:  PowerZone Volleyball, Denville, NJ
  • Age Groups: Ladies Ages 19-39
  • Practice Times: 730-9p
  • Practice Days: Tue or Thu
  • Dates:  Starts: ASAP  Ends 7 weeks
  • Fee: $125/individual