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Come join the fun in this great sport at PowerZone Volleyball Camp.  PowerZone camps are the most successful volleyball camps in the area. We provide a comprehensive coaching system for teaching individual skills and team play for players of all ages and abilities.

Training Methods

PowerZone Camps are successful because of proven training methods and a comprehensive curriculum. Methodology is "how" we will teach something and curriculum is "what" we will teach.   Our 23 years of experience shows up in how we coach and what we coach.  Our training methods include Positive Coaching, Fun drills, activities and competitions, Canonical Progressive Development, Video Analytics*, Metric-driven Volleyball Performance*.  Our curriculum is a set of learning objectives for volleyball skills and team systems, progressively designed into 8 levels with 4 stages.

Exceptional Coaches

Camp is staffed by dedicated and experienced coaches who are committed to inspiring a love for the game and bringing out your best!  And with a 1:9 staff to camper ratio each camper receives focused attention. 

Canonical Progressive Development

PowerZone Camps teach the foundations at an appropriate level then progressively increase the difficulty. We call this method Canonical Progressive Development. If something is canonical, it follows the principle of reducing  to the most basic form.  From first skills to core skills to high level skills, this methodology achieves the goals of high level play faster as the fundamentals are in place as a foundation.  Sounds simple but applied to how you teach and what you teach is very important.

Position Specific Training (PST)

Position Specific Training (PST) camp allows players to train in their chosen position. The advantage of PST is the opportunity to maximize training at your position and apply it within an aspect of team play.  Positional Camps are offered only to intermediate and advanced players only.

MVP Maker

PowerZone Advanced Camps use our MVP Maker tools to develop better players.  Metric-driven Volleyball Performance (MVP) allows us to use data to focus our training. For example,our advanced players we will train to serve aces and we know from data analysis that aces happen within range of exit velocities, launch angles and initial height of contact, We can apply our MVP data analysis to each skill to enhance performance. (Advanced Camps Only)

Video Analytics

PowerZone Advanced Camps use video video and data analysis to review player skills and optimize performance. Analytics provide visual feedback and data to help decide what to focus on. (Advanced Camps Only)

Team Camp

Team camps offer schools or other organizations an opportunity to take camp together. PowerZone camps are also available fore your organization to host. Contact us if your High School, League or PAL is interested in hosting a camp.

Camp Levels

Campers are separated into  ages and skill levels groups to create optimal learning environments and accelerate success.  Camps have instructional, intermediate and advanced group levels.  Including a 12u net and lighter ball for Players ages 9-12

Simply the Best Camp Anywhere!

Come join the fun in this great sport at PowerZone Volleyball Camp this summer.  PowerZone volleyball camps are the most successful volleyball camps in the area, provide a comprehensive coaching system for teaching both individual skills and team play for players of all ages and abilities. We give athletes the kind of focused, intensive training essential to improvement.  Your performance will improve as you gain new skills and build your self-confidence!   

I felt compelled to write you to tell you what an impact attending a PowerZone summer camp in 2010 had on my daughter,  Michaela Putnicki.  ... You were excellent motivators as she won every challenge that you guys offered up for an ice cream award!  Great confidence was instilled in her by your camp.  At the end of camp, you and the other coach joked that you wished she lived in NJ so she could play on your club team.  We didn't even know what club volleyball was back then!  After your camp, we checked out Colorado clubs and she has played ever since.

Well, fast forward to 2017 and I asked her to give me volleyball t-shirts that were meaningful over the years so I could make them into a quilt for a graduation present.  I was really surprised that the PowerZone camp shirt was one of them that she picked!  She has had a very successful career so far: her teams have went to nationals every year since she was 13 and have won national qualifiers. Her high school team has been state champions 3 out of 4 years.  They were even #1 in the nation by Maxpreps in 2014 so she has so many shirts to choose from!   

She explained to me that PowerZone started it all for her.  Michaela went on to become 2017 Colorado Gatorade POY,  AVCA All-American, PrepVolleyball Senior Ace and she has earned a full-ride to Penn State and will be attending there this fall.  I'd guess you'd say your camp was her initial inspiration!  I've attached a picture of her and the quilt.  I just wanted to write to say thank you as I would bet, you don't hear that often enough.

Best Regards, Michele Putnicki

In 23 years, over 4000 happy campers have taken a PowerZone camp.  Our camp alumni have continued to play, to make their school and club teams, to win county and state championships, to play in college and to become coaches. We are number #1 not because we say so, it is because we have repeated successful players. We know our systems and our coaches can teach and improve your child ... let us prove it.

Junior Camps Gr 5-12

2022-2023 Jr Camps Available

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Adult Camps

Adult camps are designed and schedule for players ages 19 and older.  All our camps share similar training methods and systems.  Check back for our summer Adult Camp schedule.