Summer Camp 2020
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Come join the fun in this great sport at PowerZone Volleyball Camp this summer.  PowerZone volleyball camps are the most successful volleyball camps in the area, provide a comprehensive coaching system for teaching both individual skills and team play for players of all ages and abilities. We give athletes the kind of focused, intensive training essential to improvement.  Your performance will improve as you gain new skills and build your self-confidence!   

In 23 years, over 4000 Happy Campers have taken PowerZone camp.  Our camp alumni have continued on to play, to make their school and club teams, to win county and state championships, to play in college, to just play and to become coaches. We are number #1 not because we say so, it is because we have repeated success and successful clients. We know our systems and our coaches can teach and improve your child ... let us prove it. 

PowerZone Volleyball Camps offer convenient locations serving Morris and Sussex County.  Special outdoor sessions will be offered in July due to the COVID pandemic. Contact us if your High School, League or PAL is interested in hosting a camp.

  • PowerZone Volleyball Center - 3 Luger Rd Denville, NJ
  • House of Sports - 14 Park Lake Rd Sparta, NJ
  • Challenger Field - Central Park - Parsippany NJ (Outdoors)
  • Veritas Christian Academy (Outdoors)

PowerZone offer flexible camp formats with two to five day camps and vary with one or two sessions per day.  Camp aftercare supervision is available from 3:00-6:00 p.m. for campers attending day camp

Format Days Sessions Days Times Total Hrs
Full Camp - Full Day 4 8  Mon-Thu 8a-3p 24
Half Camp - Half Day 4 4  Mon-Thu 8a-11a or 530p-830p 12
Half Camp - Full Day 4 4 TBA 8a-3p or 1p-8p 12
Mini Camp - Half Day 3 3 TBA TBA 9
Day Camp - One Day 2 2 TBA TBA 6
Outdoor Morning 4 4 Mon-Thu 8a-12n 16

Session 1 (3 hrs)
15 Min - Introductions
15 min - Active Warm-ups
30 min - Forearm Passing - Instruction & Drills
30 min - Outside Hitting - Instruction & Drills
30 min - Setting - Instruction & Drills
15 min - Serving Instruction
15 min - Serve Receive - Offensive Systems
30 Min - Competition/Coaching
Meal Break 60 Min
Session 2  (3 Hrs)
15 Min - Rules & Questions
15 Min - Active Warm-up / Skills Review
30 Min - Passing / Hitting
30 Min - Setting / Hitting
15 Min - Serving / Passing
30 Min - Defensive Systems
45 Min - Competition/Coaching

Camp is open to players starting 4th grade in Sept. (ages 9 to 18). 6th graders and under will use a 12u net and a lighter ball.  Players are grouped by age and ability. Campers are separated into  ages and skill levels groups to create optimal learning environments and accelerate success.  Camps have instructional, intermediate and advanced group levels.  Including a 12u net and lighter ball for Players ages 9-12

Camp Tuition

Camp Tuition* Discount Tuition
Full Camp - Full Day $295  $255
Half Camp - Half Day $175 $155
Half Camp - Full Day $175 $155
Mini Camp - Half Day $135 $125
Day Camp - One Day $90 $80
Outdoor Morning $195 $170

How to register:

  1. Go to the sign-up page and register.  If registration went thru you will receive an email of the submission. What do do if you didn't get an email?  It means our system could not send an email to the provided email.  Registration probably went thru just the email didn't.  First please check your spam folders. Then contact us at
  2. You will receive a second email in the next couple of days if your registration is accepted and an invoice for payment. Your spot is pending until payment is received.  

  3. Week before camp you will receive a reminder for camp. 

*originally we had prices that included a ball for each player, we decided to not include the ball, players can still but a ball for a discount price of $30. 

  • Individual (Instructional, Intermediate, Advanced)
  • Positional Specific Training Camp
  • Team Camp (Instructional, Intermediate, Advanced)

PowerZone Camps are successful because of proven training methods and a comprehensive curriculum. Methodology is "how" we will teach something and curriculum is "what" we will teach.   Our 23 years of experience shows up in how we coach and what we coach.  Our training methods include Positive Coaching, Fun drills, activities and competitions, Canonical Progressive Development, Video Analytics*, Metric-driven Volleyball Performance*.  Our curriculum is a set of learning objectives for volleyball skills and team systems, progressively designed into 8 levels with 4 stages.

Position Specific Training (PST) camp allows players to train in their chosen position. The advantage of PST is the opportunity to maximize training at your position and apply it within an aspect of team play.  Positional Camps are offered only to intermediate and advanced players only.

Camp is staffed by dedicated and experienced coaches who are committed to inspiring a love for the game and bringing out your best!  And with a 1:9 staff to camper ratio each camper receives focused attention. 

PowerZone Advanced Camps use our MVP Maker tools to develop better players.  Metric-driven Volleyball Performance (MVP) allows us to use data to focus our training. For example,our advanced players we will train to serve aces and we know from data analysis that aces happen within range of exit velocities, launch angles and initial height of contact, We can apply our MVP data analysis to each skill to enhance performance.

PowerZone Advanced Camps use video video and data analysis to review player skills and optimize performance. Analytics provide visual feedback and data to help decide what to focus on.

PowerZone Camps teach the foundations at an appropriate level then progressively increase the difficulty. We call this method Canonical Progressive Development. If something is canonical, it follows the principle of reducing  to the most basic form.  From first skills to core skills to high level skills, this methodology achieves the goals of high level play faster as the fundamentals are in place as a foundation.  Sounds simple but applied to how you teach and what you teach is very important.

Girls Parsippany Central Park Schedule
Dates Camp Days & Times Spots  
7/13-7/16 All Skills - Instructional,Intermediate Mon-Thu 8a-12n 24  
7/20-7/23 All Skills Instructional,Intermediate Mon-Thu 8a-12n 24  
Girls Denville Schedule *Tentative*


Dates Camp Days & Times Spots
7/27 - 7/30 All Skills Eve Mon-Thu 530p-830p 18
7/27 - 7/30 All Skills Eve - Advanced Mon-Thu 530p-830p 18
8/3 - 8/6 All Skills Day Mon-Thu 8a-3p 18
8/3 - 8/6 All Skills Day - Advanced Mon-Thu 8a-3p 9
8/17 - 8/20 All Skills Day Mon-Thu 8a-3p 9
8/10 - 8/13 All Skills Eve Mon-Thu 530p-830p 18
8/10 - 8/13 All Skills Eve - Advanced Mon-Thu 530p-830p 18
8/17 - 8/20 All Skills Day Mon-Thu 8a-3p 18
8/17 - 8/20 All Skills Day - Advanced Mon-Thu 8a-3p 9
8/24 - 8/27 All Skills Day Mon-Thu 8a-3p 18
8/24 - 8/27 All Skills Day - Advanced Mon-Thu 8a-3p 18
Boys Schedule

Available Soon

Sussex Outdoor Camp

Location: Veritas Christian Academy

Dates Camp Days & Times Spots
8/3 - 8/6 All Skills - Half Camp Mon-Thu 5p-8p 18
tba All Skills Day Mon-Thu 5p-8p 18