Introduction to volleyball for future stars.  Tee-Volley and Coach Toss are for children Pre-K through 4th grade.


Tee-Volley is an exercise and volleyball class for children in Pre-K through 1st grade.  Children will get in some exercise and start learning their first skills for volleyball.  Your child will learn to jump and hit off a tee and also serve off a tee. We will also start to bump pass and bump set. And most importantly instructors will introduce how much fun volleyball and exercise can be.  In Tee-Volley we  will use a light cloth covered ball and play on a lower net.

Coach Toss Volleyball

Coach Toss Volleyball is exercise and volleyball class for children in 2nd through fourth grade.  Children will get in some exercise and start learning first volleyball skills.  We will learn to bum pass, bump set, jump and hit, serve, block.  Volleyball pass set hit can be difficult so coaches will be involved in the bump set hit to complete the play.  Most importantly instructors showcase how much fun volleyball, teamwork and exercise can be. 

Simply the Best Volleyball Programs Anywhere!

Come join the fun in this great sport at PowerZone Volleyball.  Tee-Volley and Coach Toss is a fun introduction to volleyball at the most successful volleyball gym in the area.   In 23 years, over 4000 young volleyball players have started out at PowerZone.  Our alumni have continued to play, to make their school and club teams, to win county and state championships, to play in college and to become coaches. We are number #1 not because we say so, it is because we have repeated successful players. We know our programs and our coaches can teach and inspire your child ... let us prove it.

Children will learn the same core skills taught to older players in our development plan.  Learning first skills then core skills. Children will use a lighter ball and play on a lower net.  Starting 5th grade children will join our regular programs.  Program is for boys and girls.  Parents are welcomed to participate.