Get ready to learn how to play and have some fun and exercise! 

  • Boys and Girls Grades 5 thru 8th
  • 45 Mins clinic

Get started and join the fun in this great sport with PowerZone Volleyball Youth Clinics.  Clinics use the PowerZone Player development program for training players in stages. We give young athletes the elements of the game to get them started and excited to play the game.   Your child will get some exercise,  build confidence and fall in love with the game!  We also have a Tee-Volley/Coach Toss program for PreK to 4th grade. And Team 12u volleyball when you are ready to jump on a team. 


  • Classes are on-going each week (minus holidays)
  • Subscriptions are for 7 weeks.
  • Schedules are seasonal.
  • Individual Class bookings required

General Fall Schedule (9/7) 

  Mon & Wed Tue Sat
First Skills 430p 630p TBA

Program Fees

First Clinic Options:

  • Just Clinic - $25  Includes AAU* annual registration. or 
  • New Player Package $60 includes AAU* annual registration, Mikasa volleyball,  Clinic t-shirt  and clinic

Additional Clinic Options

  • Drop Single Clinics $15 
  • 7 Week Clinic Subscription $85/ 7 weeks  
  • Annual Clinic Class Card $225: offers a year of volleyball clinics  – at a great value: 3 clinics per week available in 2021-2022 


Step 1 Register and do waivers on-line. 

Step 2 Create an account on our class booking system

  • Create an account - Name should be the players name. Accounts are unique to emails
  • Click on Activities and book a clinic
  • You will receive email confirmation and payment options
  • Please note, if you purchase a class card today, it will take 1 business day for your profile to update.  Call us if you plan on attending today

Tap Here to create account and book Clinics

Step 3 Pay for your Clinic

What to bring: 

  • Dress to exercise, good pair of sneakers.
  • Bottle of water. (Water fountain is available) 
  • Energy and ready to play. 

Fees are non-refundable.

*Clinics use AAU insurance.

Purchase your first Clinic 

Youth First Clinic + AAU  $25


Youth First Clinic Starter Package (First Clinic + AAU + T-Shirt + Mikasa Volleyball) $60



Purchase Additional Clinics 

These are for additional clinics, register for first clinic prior to purchasing additional clinics. 

  1. Single Clinics $15 ( $45 - 3 Clinic Card expires in 1 year)
  2. 7 Week Subscription $85 (Expires in 2 months)
  3. Annual Clinic Pass $225

Annual Pass $225


7 Week Subscription - $85


3 Clinic Card - $45



Clinic Descriptions

Clinics follow the PowerZone Player Development System. The system is a structured program that consists of four stages. 

  1. First Skills
  2. Developing Stage
  3. Advanced Skills Stage
  4. High Performance Stage

Each stage consists of a skills set that gets the player playing volleyball at the next level quickly. The stages build on the previous stage. 

First Skills Clinic will cover skills to get beginning players playing volleyball quickly.  All beginners

  • Over hand serving,
  • Bump Pass,
  • Bump Set,
  • Jump and hit
  • Blocking

Developing Skills Clinic will cover core set of individual skills. Next level up from First Skills

  • Serving,
  • Bump Pass,
  • Hand Set,
  • Approach footwork
  • Blocking
  • Digging