2019 Performance Academy Information

Volleyball Specific Training 

PowerZone Volleyball Academy is a performance training program for high-level players  focused on skills and conditioning. Each session includes individual skill work as well as volleyball strength/speed training. Players meet 1-2 times per week for a 2 hour session. The player to coach ratio is kept very low (about 6 to 1). 

Format: Each session is 2 hours with 1+ hr on the court for volleyball skills and 30+ min volleyball specific performance conditioning. The skills work portion will focus on enhancing performance and movements. The performance conditioning portion will involve core, strength, plyometric, speed and agility training specific to volleyball motions. Seperate boys and girls sessions. Seperate levels for each session.  Sessions designed for periodization training. Periodization is defined as the long-term cyclic structuring of training and practice to maximize performance to coincide with seasons important competitions.  Academy will design a training  strategy that governs planned, systematic variations in training specificity, intensity and volume.  In summary, off season training needs to be different than in season training.  

Girls volleyball in the area has about 8 weeks after club season and before fall scholastic season.  Jr players are involved in USAV High Performance programs this may be reduced to 4 weeks or less.  Boys programs are more complicated. Boys High School in NJ is in the spring, varies in NY and PA, College men are in the spring. Atheletes who participate in multiple sports will need a more details program. 

  • Off season: Sessions geared towards getting ready for next season!
  • In season: program designed to stay at the top of your game.

Cost: $95/week  Discount for affiliate clubs (Allegro Girls, PowerZone Boys)

2019 Performance Training Academy Schedule
Session  Ages   Weeks Offered Levels Days Times Hrs Cost Dicount
Girls Off Season Morning 14-18 7/1 - 8/12 Inter, Adv Mon & Wed or Tue & Thu 9-11a 4 $95 $80
Girls Off Season Evening 14-18 6/24 - 8/12 Inter, Adv Mon & Wed or Tue & Thu  7-9p 4 $95 $80
Girls In Season 14-18 Sept-May Inter, Adv Sun 4-6p, 5-7p, 6-8p 2 $50  
Girls In Season 14-18 Sept-May Inter, Adv Sat 8-10a, 9-11a, 10-12p 2 $50  
Girls Off Season College Jun-Jul Adv Mon & Wed or Tue & Thu tba 4 $95 $80
Boys Off Season 14-18 TBA Inter, Adv Mon & Wed, Tue & Thu tba 4 $95 $80
Boys In Season 14-18 TBA Inter, Adv Sun 4-6p, 5-7p, 6-8p 2 $50  
Boys Off Season College TBA Adv TBA   4 $95  

Registration / Payment:  Cancellations are allowed no later than 7 days prior to start of training with a $25 cancellation fee.  

Discounts:  4 Weeks ($300) , Camp, Club, Team and Family discounts (Off-Season $80, In-Season $45). Discounts are not combined. 

Medical Forms and Participation waiver:  All participants must agree to sign the PowerZone liability waiver and participation agreement.  Waivers are good for the season beginning September 1st.  Summer Camp also requires completion of a basic medical form. 

Program History: This program has evolved in the past 20 years from plyometric camps, club camps, to Allegro Girls Academy.  PowerZone Performace Training Academy is now a year round program with over 2 decades of training experience for ages14 to adult.  It is important to train properly keeping a watchfull eye on, recovery and periodization. 





Directions & Lodging

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