2020 GEVA Recruiting and Binding Commitment Policy

This Policy letter as well as the Parents Guide to Club Volleyball from the GEVA website must be read before accepting any offer. Your signature below reflects your acceptance of these policies Players must first register and pay USA Volleyball (USAV) membership fees for the season through the Webpoint system (http://geva.org/registration). You must give a copy of your USAV Membership Card to each club for which you tryout - be aware that clubs usually have a separate tryout fee that is not covered by your USAV membership.

Clubs are independent businesses and in an effort to balance the needs of what are best for players and their families with those of the clubs and its members; GEVA has adopted the following policies:

  1. Clubs may make offers at anytime based on any criteria of their choosing; but, offers must be made for a spot on a specific team.
  2. Club Directors should not put undue pressure on families to make a commitment. Threats of not finding a place to play, excessive phone calls, disparaging other clubs, and promises of college scholarships are just a few examples of inappropriate pressure.
  3. Offers may be written, in digital form or posted on a website as long as an unambiguous dated offer can be produced if questioned. Once an offer is made, it MUST be valid for at least 3 days (1+3 rule). This means the day of the offer plus 3 full days. a. The policy is not a 72 hour policy. b. The Policy is a 1+3 policy that counts the day of the offer as the 1st day. There are then three additional full twenty-four hour days that the offer must remain open. After Midnight on the third full day, any accepted offer is recognized as binding by GEVA. c. GEVA only stipulates the minimum amount of time an offer must remain open, it does not regulate the length of time that the clubs may leave the offer open after the minimum time span has expired. Any club can set additional time for athletes to decide, and some do, but they all must adhere to the minimum 1+3 rule.
  4. Valid signings may take place at any time, but are only recognized as valid by GEVA after the completion of the third full day of offer period (i.e. a Sep 3rd offer needs to remain valid until Sep. 7th). The offer may be signed prior to that date but will not be considered binding by GEVA until Sep 26th,). Acceptance of an offer must be in writing or via dated verifiable electronic means, with a signature from an adult parent or guardian. In addition clubs must collect this signed GEVA Recruiting and Commitment Policy and keep them on file.
  5. An acceptance of an offer is considered to be a binding GEVA commitment upon: Receipt by the offering Registered Active Club of the following: 1) A signed and dated offer letter. 2) A signed and dated GEVA Recruiting and Commitment Policy. 3) Payment of any portion of the club season fees (not to include the tryout fee).
  6. Rules 1 through 5 must be satisfied.


Violations of the above code must be filed 14 days after accepting an offer. Please remember that once you have made a binding commitment to a club, you are committed to them for the season. They have reserved a spot on a team (possibly turning away another athlete) and you have committed to meeting your obligations per the club’s offer letter. Failure to meet a contractually obligated financial commitment made on or after the Official commitment date to an Active Authorized Club will mean that you may not be able to register to play for any USAV club the following season(s). Once the athlete and the parent / legal guardian have made a binding commitment to play with a club, as described above, you are not allowed to attend tryouts at any other club.

Contract and Recruiting Season: GEVA follows USAV guidelines to separate the year into two distinct phases: a Contract Season and a Recruiting Season. The Contract Season begins with a binding commitment and runs through the last day of competition of the USA Volleyball Junior National Championships (JNC), or the completion of the High Performance Camps or Championships, whichever is later for the individual athlete. The Recruiting Season begins the day after the last day indicated above and continues until you make a binding commitment the next season, (the earliest date a player can make a non contract commitment is September 1st of the year in question).

GEVA highly recommends that contact(s) by club directors and coaches during the Recruiting Season, be done on a limited and highly professional basis. Club Coaches should be considerate of high school competitions by asking the coach when is the best time, if any, to distribute their literature and not attempting to contact players during a competition. No recruiting is allowed of players under a binding commitment, or their parents, during the Contract Season.  Any player or parent has the right to stop the recruiting process at any time. The decision to do this does not need to be based on harassment alone. If a player or parent has made the decision to play for a particular club long before the beginning of the season and wishes not to be contacted by other clubs, they should convey that to any person contacting them about joining another club - - preferably in writing. At that time, the party who contacted the player is obligated to cease all contact. If the contact continues, by any agent of the club, the player or parent should contact their GEVA Area Representative. GEVA will gladly step in to protect its members from unwanted contact or harassment. However, the family or player must come forward with a written, formal complaint (see the GEVA Incident Report) on which the region can take action. Verbal complaints, alone, are not sufficient to take any punitive action.

Recruiting Guidelines & Penalties: Definition of Recruiting – To solicit or contact players, or their parents, for the purpose of persuading them to tryout or play for a junior volleyball club or team. Solicitation might be performed by any of the following individuals: club directors, coaches, or anyone acting on behalf of a junior volleyball club. They need not be members of USAV. Penalties – The following penalties will be imposed on any club representative that is found in violation (by an Incident Review Committee) of violating the recruiting guidelines above or the USAV cod e of Conduct.
1st Offense: $500 fine and 1 year probation from the date of the offense. 2nd Offense: $1,000 fine and 1 year suspension of membership from the date of the offense. 3rd Offense: Lifetime ban of membership with GEVA and notification to the National Office.

ANY TEAM CREATED FROM ANY ILLEGALLY RECRUITED PLAYERS MAY BE DENIED ENTRY INTO GEVA EVEN IF RECRUITING WAS PRIOR TO USAV MEMBERSHIP. All players are encouraged to investigate more than one club to determine which organization suits them best. Not all club organizations have try-outs. Some may simply have a registration procedure to follow in order to “join” that club. Parents and players are encouraged to seek out the organization that can best service the needs of the athlete. Many factors, such as club goals and philosophies, practice and competition schedules, time and travel commitments, and financial commitments, need to be researched and clearly understood before making a final decision. Parents should research several clubs and read the available literature carefully to help evaluate if the club is a good fit for your young athlete. Players may, and are encouraged to, try-out for as many clubs as they would like. (See Parents Guide To Club Volleyball)

Athletes MAY NOT transfer from one club to another during the Contract Season - this is in accordance with USA Volleyball guidelines. In exceptional situations, individual cases may be heard by appealing this policy to the Junior Director who will review the appeal with the GEVA Junior Competition Committee.

Please report all suspected violations of any USAV or GEVA policy on the GEVA Incident Report. Please be considerate of players on wait list, or those who may be waiting for an offer letter. If you know that you will be declining this position, do so in a timely manner. This signed portion of the Club Binding Commitment Policy must be returned, via mail, email, or fax to the offering club along with the deposit designated by the club to be recognized as a GEVA binding commitment. Please note, regardless of club requirements, you have the day of the offer plus 3 full days in which to make decision regarding your commitment.


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