Adult Camp Information

Adult Camps are back at the Best Volleyball Facility Anywhere!

PowerZone Volleyball Adult camps are high intensity training camps. Camps are separated by gender and levels when possible in order for players to maximize their effort during drills by playing with campers that are a similar skill-set.

Each skill is supported with drills to allow players to get the necessary repetitions to develop the skill. Each skill is also supported with game time and coaching to transfer the skill improvement to the actual game.The key to  improvement is appropriate drills that optimize transfer of new skills to the game and coaching during competition.  

Location: PowerZone Volleyball Center Denville, NJ 07834  

Levels:  Each camp will provide one or more target levels of instruction.  Instructional Level is designed to introduce basic fundamentals of volleyball. Players will be introduced to the basic fundamental skills of serving, passing, setting, digging, diving, blocking, offense and defense. Intermediate Level focuses on further development of individual skills as well as more complex offensive and defensive systems. Advanced Level focuses on building on the intermediate levels and learning more advanced skills. 

2019-2020 Camp Schedule
Camp   Ages   Offered Levels Days Times Hrs Cost
Adult Spring Weekend Camp 19+ 4/12-4/13 Instr, Inter, Adv Fri-Sat


9a-12, 1-4p, 5-8p

12 $175
Adult Beach Camp  19+


Instr, Inter, Adv tba tba 12 $175
Adult Fall Weekend Camp 19+ tba Instr, Inter, Adv Fri-Sat


9a-12, 1-4p, 5-8p

12 $175
Adult Fall Eve Camp (2wks) 19+ tba Instr, Inter, Adv Mon & Wed 7-10p 12 $175
Adult Fall Eve Camp  19+ tba Instr, Inter, Adv Mon-Thu 7-10p 12 $175
Adult Winter Weekend Camo 19+ tba Instr, Inter, Adv Fri-Sat tba 12 $175

Camp Features

  • Experienced Staff and Coaches
  • Running Camp Since 1997, Our 23 year!
  • Instructional, Intermediate and Advanced Levels
  • Free Camp Tee Shirt
  • Seperate Mens, Ladies Courts
  • Lodging available nearby

Weekend Indoor Camp: Camp starts on Friday evening with registration between 6:00-6:30 PM. The first session will begin Friday night at 6:30. Saturday will have 3 three hr sessions morning, afternoon and evening.  The camp will stress all team functions and include ample six on six scrimmages. Areas you can expect to cover are serve reception, team offense, team defense, transition and much more. Players can attend as individuals or with a team. Teams of eight or more will be kept together and train as a team. Individuals will make teams with players of similar skill levels. (4/12-13 Camp Director: George Mon)

Sample Schedule

Session 1 Friday 
6:30 - Introductions
6:45 - Active Warm-ups
7:00 - Forearm Passing – instruction
7:30 - Outside Hitting - instruction
8:00 - Setting - instruction
8:30 - Serving Instruction
8:45 - Competition
9:20 - Stretch wrap-up

Session 2 
9:00 - Rules & Questions
9:15 - Active Warm-up / Skills Review
9:30 - Passing / Hitting
10:00 - Setting / Hitting
10:30 - Serve Receive - Offensive Systems
11:00 - Competition
11:50 - Stretch wrap-up
Lunch Break
Session 3 
1:00 - Chalk Talk & Questions
1:15 - Active Warm-up / Skills Review
1:30 - Blocking -Instruction
2:00 - Digging - Instruction
2:30 - Defensive Systems
3:00 - Competition
3:50 - Stretch wrap-up
Dinner Break
Session 4 
5:30 - Active Warm-ups / Skills Review
5:45 - Team Practice
7:00 - Competition
8:20 - Stretch wrap-up

Registration / Payment:  $175/player.  Early Registration discount (3/15) Checks payable to Powerzone Volleyball, 3 Luger Rd, Denville, NJ 07834.  Cancellations are allowed no later than 7 days prior to start of camp with a $25 cancellation fee. A $25 late registration fee will apply to orders received after close of business Thursday prior to camp.  

Discounts: Team, alumni and family discounts are available. Alumni discount applies after your first PowerZone Adult Camp. Family discount applies after the first member attends Camp. Only one discount applies. $25 off weekend camp , $10 Off beach camp.

Medical Forms and Participation waiver:  All participants must agree to sign the PowerZone liability waiver and participation agreement.  Waivers are good for the season beginning September 1st.  Summer Camp also requires completion of a basic medical form. 

Format:  Room for about 72 players, each competition will have 6 teams of men, 6 teams of ladies or 12 teams of coed. 

  • 2-3 courts for Ladies, 2-3 Courts for Men, 2-3 teams of 6 at Instructional, Intermediate Advanced levels
  • Coach to player ratio 1-12, Head Coach for each Level
  • Competitions will focus on 6x6, and will have Ladies/Mens/Coed Games.






Directions & Lodging

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