Home Schoolers Volleyball

Our experienced staff will be sure to get your children exercising and enjoying sports, while focusing on sportsmanship, teamwork, and skill building. Our home schooler programs aim to be affordable and flexible with classes and practice scheduled during morning or afternoon hours. Classes will offer fun exercise and our team programs will offer a varsity experience with competitions.

Program Ages Offered Description Cost
Tee-Volley Class Ages 4-7, Gr K to 2nd TBA 6 Week - 1 hr Exercise & Tee-Volley Class $12.50/Class
First-Serve Class Ages 8-10, Gr 3 to 5 TBA 6 Week - 1 hr exercise & First-Serve Class  $12.50/Class
Youth Class Ages 11-14, Gr 6 to 8 TBA 6 Week - 1 hr exercise & Youth Class $12.50/Class
Junior Class Ages 15-18, Gr 9-12 TBA 6 Week - 1 hr exercise & Junior Class $12.50/Class
Youth & Junior Mini Camp Ages 11-18, Gr 6 to 12 TBA 6 Hr Mini Camp  $75/Camp
Middle School Teams Ages 11-14, Gr 6-8 TBA 10 weeks, 20 1.5 hr sessions, 17 practices, 3 game days $300/Season
HS Varsity & JV Teams Ages 15-18, Gr 9-12 TBA 10 weeks, 20 1.5 hr sessions, 17 practices, 3 game days $300/Season

Volleyball Classes 

PowerZone Volleyball classes and clinics are a good way to get introduced to volleyball. We will cover serving, passing, setting, hitting. Each skill is supported with drills to allow players to get the necessary repetitions to develop the skill.  Youth clinics are at an instructional level and a great place to get started. Camps will be offered as 6 to 12 hour training programs to quickly develop skills needed to play. $75/6 class session.  Walk-ins $15/class - please call to check if class is running.

Home School Volleyball Teams

Introducing PowerZone Volleyball Home School Teams.  PowerZone will provide training for players and create middle school, high school JV and varsity teams.  As interest grows we can create teams either by groups or counties.  There are competitions that we can enter and even a home school championship tournament.  Team Programs (30 hrs - 10 weeks)  Includes: Uniform Shirt, 1.5 hr sessions,  2x week, 17 practices,  3 game days. (9-10 players per team)


Directions & Lodging

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