Playgroups are groups of players with common interests or similar levels meet regularly to play. For example a playgroup for woman's b level playing sixes on Tuesday morning.

Format: Each playgroup has defined skill level, competitive level, 14 to 16 members/court. Getting started. Playing volleyball starts with contacting the PowerZone membership director. We will assist you in finding the right playgroup, team or program to participate in.  Our staff will then find the right fit for you among the different volleyball programs available.

FAQ: Are there guests or walk-ins for playgroups? Yes and no. The idea for playgroups is that we have enough and not too many to play. Each playgroup will keep a standby list and if there is openings we will check to see if anyone is on standby.

FAQ How do I get in a play group? Get started by letting us know you want to play and we will help find you the appropriate group that has openings. Invite you to play and if its a good fit then we will add you to the group. If the group is full we can add you as standby. You let us know you are available to play and when there is an opening we let you know.

Playgroup Subscriptions (effective 3/1/2020)

Sign-up for a year and play once a week for about Five Bucks a week!  50-70% discount depending on how much you play.  The 5ONE  - play once a week for 5 Months. $200

  • 5ONE ($200)
  • 6TWO ($325)
  • 12ONE ($325)
  • 12TWO ($400)
  • 12THREE ($475)



Directions & Lodging

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