PowerZone Fall 2017 College Volleyball Showcase

PowerZone Volleyball Center in Denville, NJ, will host a recruiting showcase for unsigned high school athletes in the graduating classes of 2018, 2019 and 2020 athletes seeking to play womans volleyball at the college level. The PowerZone Fall 2017 College Volleyball Showcase will be held on Sunday December 3th,, 9:30-1230pm. The Showcase is presented by PowerZone, Sleeve-it, NCSA and the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU). Our Showcase provides each athlete equal exposure to demonstrate your skills to college coaches in an effective and affordable event.  This is an eventbrite sign-up here.

PowerZone Fall 2017 College Volleyball Showcase

  • Focus on recruiting and evaluation to best showcase your skills.
  • Equal exposure for each player - unlike a tournament.
  • Play the position you want to be evaluated for college.
  • Within 3 hour driving distance 169 colleges offering NCAA volleyball.
  • College coaches can effectively evaluate players in a short time.
  • Very cost effective in comparison to playing tournaments for exposure.
  • Potential in person contact with college coach per applicable NCAA/NAIA/JC rules
  • Recruiting education seminar included.

The PowerZone Fall 2017 College Showcase creates an opportunity for volleyball players to demonstrate their skills and college coaches to evaluate recruits. PowerZone Volleyball has designed an event with plenty of room and time for college coaches to quickly evaluate athletes effectively and efficiently.
Showcase features including, recruiting database, manageable group size, event program and court schedule will make it easy for coaches to identify and evaluate recruits. The format of the showcase will be individual skills, small group drills, position work, and game play. Unlike tournaments, a showcase provides players equal exposure for evaluation and will be done efficiently in a few hours.

Who Should Attend? Recruits seeking to play women's volleyball in college across the country as well as recruits interested in colleges in this area would benefit from attending this showcase. In addition the Showcase will be streamed over the Internet and recorded so coaches nationwide will have access. Coaches in attendance will also be able to review the showcase afterwards to get a second look or in case they missed seeing a player.

Area Colleges: The Showcase is located within a 45 minutes drive of 19 colleges in New Jersey that have NCAA volleyball and a total of 169 colleges within a 3 hour driving distance or less. A perfect weekend to visit area colleges to see what they have to offer. Though we typically don’t know in advance which colleges will be represented, invitations have been sent to all college coaches in the northeast and we will provide a list of colleges attending as they RSVP. (scroll to the bottom for currently registered colleges)

If a recruit attending the Showcase wants to be seen by a particular college coach, the best thing they can do to make that happen is to contact that coach, let them know they will be at the Showcase, and ask them to come watch.  

Recruiting Seminar: A recruiting education seminar will be included in the showcase to help athletes and parents navigate through the recruiting process and learn what you need to know about recruiting and help you will succeed at earning a scholarship.

AAU: The Showcase is licensed by the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) and provides insurance for athletes and the event. A current 2018 youth membership is required for athletes to participate ($14). Athletes may already have AAU membership from playing club. Register here: https://play.aausports.org/ you will need your aau membership number for registration.

College List: Though we typically don’t know in advance which colleges will be represented, invitations have been sent to all college coaches in the northeast and we will provide a list of colleges attending as they RSVP.  Last year 40+ college coaches attended  and we anticipate that this year will be a bigger event for players and coaches.

Registration:  Showcase will have limited space, so we advise players to register as soon as possible to be guaranteed a spot. Refunds will only be given to players that commit to a college/university prior to November 29th, 2017. 



Directions & Lodging

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