Visitors Information

Welcome to PowerZone Volleyball Center

Doors to PowerZone Volleyball Center open at 8:00am for tournaments (unless otherwise posted.) 

Directions: GPS Instructions:  3 Luger Rd, Denville, NJ 07834  **NOTE: Many GPS systems have been leaving you off at the CVS - Please use our directions to complete the route. **

Concessions: There are drinks, fruit, muffins, pizza, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, fresh popcorn and other snacks  available for your convenience.

Marketplace: On most Saturday tournament days, a vendor marketplace will be available for players and parents to relax and visit. 

Food:  Anthony's Bakery has a deli for sandwiches and hot foods, Subway, Pizza within a couple blocks. 

Food Vendor:  TBA

Check-in & Check-out: Team Rep or Coach must check your team in and check out before you leave. Your team may be assigned a team table and shelf for the day.  Please clean up your team area before checking out.  A $50 clean-up fee will be charged if your team area is not cleaned up.

Please make sure we adhere to and communicate the following information to your teams and fans:

  • Drinks: Only team water bottles or Gatorade drinks in team drink bins are allowed in the court area.  We provide drink bins if your teams need them.
  • Food is not allowed past the lobby area. 
  • Coolers and player bags must be stored on the team shelves in the player area on the balcony. 
  • Tables are provided upstairs in the balcony for eating during off games times.  On most tournament days, tables will be assigned. On shared table days, please do not use bags to hold tables during games or become upset when teams move your bags if you do so.
  • Only medical kits, ball bags and coaches’ bags are allowed on the courts. All Bags brought into court area are subject to inspection
  • Valuables: Do not bring valuables to the gym, as PowerZone can not be responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Bleachers: Each court provides bleachers for the spectators of the playing teams.  If your team is not playing, please free up bleacher seats for those teams that are.  Seats may not be reserved for later games.  To assure our adherence to Fire and Safety Codes - spectators must use the bleachers and therefore, no folding chairs are allowed. 
  • Camping: Laying out blankets or teams camping out on the gym floor is NOT allowed.
  • Parking:  There is ample parking around the building. When you park in the back - please park head in towards the building. Parking in a no parking area will result in a ticket by the town. The fire department is very strict about this.

There will be event staff who will assist you with any questions during the event. Enjoy your visit to PowerZone and have a great tournament.


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