Fitness Club Volleyball Challenge

Introducing the PowerZone Volleyball Fitness Club Challenge, a series of volleyball tournaments where clubs battle other clubs in a winner take all volleyball tournament for bragging rights.  

Get your team together and contact us at if your club is up for the challenge.



Coach Toss Clinics

Age Group: 2nd - 4th Grade (Ages 7-9)

Through the Coach-Toss Clinic, children, ages 7-9, will be able to learn the fundamentals of volleyball in a safe and friendly environment. A coach, along with modified equipment and a "tee," will help the children develop their skills while having fun and making friends.  We will continue to use the Tee as needed. And the practices will start to look more like volleyball with a coach mixed in the drills.  For example: Coach may be the setter and the player plays passer and hitter in the pass /set/ hit sequence. 

What to bring to camp?

Volleyball Gear: 

  • volleyball shoes/sneakers/tennis shoes
  • gym shorts (2 pairs)
  • t-shirts (at least 2/day) - Ladies no tank tops
  • socks 
  • kneepads
  • water bottle (not required but handy) 
  • Lunch for Day Campers (we provide pizza on Thur)


Message From George

Message from George

From all the PowerZone staff, we thank you for being a part of the best volleyball facility anywhere.  Since 1997, PowerZone is a unique and special place; please make it "your" place to play.

Take pride in playing here and enjoy the PowerZone Experience. As always, our members are our top priority and we look forward to extending new opportunities for a fun, enjoyable volleyball experience wherever possible.

Feel comfortable in contacting me with any suggestions or feedback.

George - Owner, PowerZone Volleyball Center

Fitness Studio Business Opportunity

Fitness studio business opportunity available at PowerZone Volleyball Center.  

Small fitness room with 16 spin bikes, weights, mats, bosu balls etc ready to go. PowerZone is home to 1000+ volleyball players and their families.  This room is available for lease with flexibile terms. 




Directions & Lodging

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