Fitness Studio Business Opportunity

Fitness studio business opportunity available at PowerZone Volleyball Center.  

Small fitness room with 16 spin bikes, weights, mats, bosu balls etc ready to go. PowerZone is home to 1000+ volleyball players and their families.  This room is available for lease with flexibile terms. 


Saturday Morning Ladies Volleyball

We are starting up Ladies volleyball on Saturday Morning with 1) a beginners playgroup,  2) clinic and play group.  We will add a league to the program asap.

Playgroup is just court-time to play. This is a beginners group.  Instruction & Play is 30-45 mins of instruction followed by 60 to 45 mins of Play.

Program Fee:  6 Weeks, $85/6 weeks. Members $75,  Included for Members with 12ONE or 6TWO subscription




Directions & Lodging

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