Fall 2017

Fall 2017 Program Schedule Ages 3-18

Fall Session I Schedule 

Me & Mini Me F031| Me & Mini Me  (9/13, Wed 930-1015a, Demo) FREE*
Me & Mini Me F032| Me & Mini Me  (9/16, Sat 930-1015a, Demo) FREE*
Tee-Volley F001|Tee-Volley (9/13-10/18, Wed 6-7p, 6 classes) $75
Tee-Volley F002|Tee-Volley (9/16-10/21, Sat 1030-1130a, 6 classes) $75
Tee-Volley F003|Tee-Volley (9/10-10/15, Sun 230-330p, 6 classes) $75
Coach Toss F011|Coach Toss (9/13-10/18, Wed 6-7p, 6 classes) $75
Coach Toss F012|Coach Toss (9/16-10/21, Sat 1030-1130a, 6 classes) $75
Coach Toss F013|Coach Toss (9/10-10/15, Sun 230-330p, 6 classes) $75
Youth Clinic F021|Youth Clinic (9/13-10/18, Wed 7-8p, 6 classes) $75
Youth Clinic F022|Youth Clinic (9/16-10/21, Sat 1130-1230a, 6 classes) $75
Youth Clinic F023|Youth Clinic (9/10-10/15, Sun 330-430p, 6 classes) $75

Note: All fall sign-ups receive a complementry PowerZone Membership. 

Boys Travel Volleyball

What will makes us the best?

This is our very first season for boys travel volleyball however we are not new to club volleyball. The same mission statement, know-how, leadership, experience and staff that has made Allegro Volleyball one of New Jersey’s most successful girl's volleyball clubs will help make the boys program successful.  It’s our goal to help players of all levels and abilities to reach their highest potential. 

Women's League

Fall Season (Mid September - Beginning December)

Do you miss girl time? Do you miss volleyball? Why not welcome both activities back into your life with PowerZone's Women's League? This league is a women only league, which will allow you to talk to friends, play volleyball, and even expand your friend group! So come on down to PowerZone Volleyball Center to bump, set, and spike your way to victory and some needed time with your friends!

  • Plenty of girl time to catch up with your friends
  • Competitive volleyball to keep the fun going!
  • Great stress reliever!
  • Saturdays for 8 weeks
  • $95 per person (non-members)
  • $80 per person (members)

What It's All About:

The women's league is a league designed with the player in mind, women. It is a women only league in which women can sign up to play with their friends, or make friends along the way. This league runs for 8 weeks on Saturdays.

Church Ball

Fall Season (Mid September - Beginning January)

Do you want another fun activity for your church to get involved in? PowerZone's Church Ball league is perfect for any congregation looking to get in the action and get active! Put your church up against other churches found across New Jersey as you discover a new passion, and new friends. So make a team at your church, come on down to PowerZone, and enjoy some volleyball!

  • Bond as a congregation as you sweat and smile together!
  • Compete against other churches in friendly games of volleyball
  • Meet new teams to grow your network of friends
  • Meet once a week to play, Fridays, for 6 weeks
  • $450/team

What It's All About:

The Church Ball league is designed for church congregations to make a team and compete in a friendly league against other churches. Those who can sign up, middle schoolers and older, will meet once a week to challenge another church to a game of volleyball.


Fall Season (Beginning September - Beginning January)

Do you want to play volleyball but aren't sure if you're good enough to join a league? No problem! Come to PowerZone Volleyball Center and join one of our many Playgroups! The beauty about Playgroups is everyone plays, whether you're new to the sport of a seasoned veteran. All you have to do is play and have fun; so bring your friends and sign up as a team, or come by yourself and let your team-mates become your new friends!

  • User friendly: anyone and everyone can play!
  • Sign up with friends for some great bonding time
  • Equal skill level for games that are nice and friendly, to games that are filled with competition
  • Playgroup poo-bah will take care of all the logistics, all you have to do is have fun!
  • Runs for 6 weeks
  • Comes in many forms: Coed B, Coed Beginner, and Coed Open Gym!!
  • $85 per person (non-member)
  • $75 per person (member)

What It's All About:

Playgroup is a year round event that allows anyone to play the sport of volleyball. No matter what the person's skill level, a group will be found for them so they will have fair competition with others in their skill range. A player can sign up with a team of friends, or by them self. The team, or individual player, is then evaluated by a PowerZone coach and put in the appropriate playgroup league. Each team consists of 6-7 member (12-14 members per court). A playgroup poo-bah, or administrator, makes sure the game runs smoothly and manages the playgroup as a whole.



Directions & Lodging

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