Youth (Grades 4-8)

PowerZone/Sixpack Boys Club Volleyball

PowerZone Volleyball and Warren Sixpack Juniors — have agreed to join forces to expand boys volleyball in Northern New Jersey. What does this mean? PowerZone Sixpack and Warren Sixpack will have joint tryouts in September at PowerZone and CBA.  Local teams from both programs will play together and improve the level of play of the local tournaments.  PowerZone and Warren teams will have their own assigned coaches but have the opportunity to work together.  PowerZone Players will have the opportunity to be picked up on a Sixpack roster.

Boys Fall Locals 2018

Locals is a program that provides a club volleyball experience without having to travel. There are separate Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer sessions for local teams. There are approx 9 players per team, and 2 teams share a practice court. Players can also get their own roster together and register as a team. Competitions are against other local teams and outside visiting teams.  10 week program. 

Teacher Convention Camp

Fall Season (Days of teacher convention: 11/09 - 11/10)

Age Group: Grades 5 -12

Do you need something to do on those boring teacher convention days? PowerZone has the answer you've been looking for! Through our 2 day instructional camps, that run only on the days of teachers convention, not only will you be having fun the whole day, but you'll also be learning and developing your volleyball skills along the way! Use that waste of a day to come down to PowerZone and become a volleyball pro!

  • Boys and girls camps of all ages so everyone can come and have fun
  • On-site coaching for maximum benefit
  • Runs on the Thursday and Friday of teachers convention (11/09 - 11/10)
  • Very convenient for parents!
  • $165 per person (non-member)
  • $135 per person (member)

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What It's All About:

This camp is a unique experience that is offered on the specific Thursday and Friday that teachers convention is held on. There are boys and girls camps for children, grades 5 -12, that will help them further develop their volleyball skills while mom and dad are at work.

Boys Club Fall Locals

Fall Season (Mid September - Mid November)

Age Group: Grades 5 - 12

You've always been really good at volleyball, but now it's time to take it to the next level. With PowerZone's boys fall local club team, you can do just that. This club team gives you the opportunity to improve your game, learn new techniques, and put them to the test in very competitive tournaments. Gain lasting friendships and never ending opportunities with the PowerZone boys club; join today!

  • One of the few boys clubs in New Jersey
  • Much more competition from tournaments and tougher practices
  • Gain an edge when it comes to college recruiting or making the high school varsity team
  • 2 practices per week, 1 on Sunday at PowerZone, the other is optional at a gym closer to you
  • Practice is held on Sundays at PowerZone Volleyball Center
  • $250 per person

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What It's All About:

The Boys Fall Locals is a volleyball club for boys, grades 5 - 12, who want to improve their game and compete more. These boys will have 2 practices a week: 1 on Sunday at PowerZone, and the other at a location closer to home. The boys will play as a team and will enter tournaments. It is a club like Allegro, only for boys.

Allegro Fall Advanced Locals

Fall Season (Mid Septamber - Mid November)

Age Group: Grades 7 - 8

Do you want to step up your game? Do you wish you had better competition and more time to practice volleyball? Allegro Falls Advanced Locals is perfect for you. This club brings more competition and better opportunity for you to get better at what you do best, play volleyball! So come try out for our Allegro Advanced Locals Club team, the competition is fierce, and the opportunities are endless.

  • More competition and fiercer practices to help improve skill
  • 4 hours of practice a week
  • 3 tournaments played to test your ability and smoke the competition
  • $525 registration fee
  • Once a year $50 fee (covers fall, winter, spring, and summer)

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What It's All About:

Allegro fall advanced locals is for girls, grades 7 - 8, who have more volleyball skill and drive than the normal girl. Girls on this team have to be invited to join the team during a try out. Girls on this team will have 4 hours of practice a week, 2 sessions of 2 hours, and will play in 3 tournaments. The season consists of 21 total practices and 3 tournaments.



Directions & Lodging

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