There are no spectator restrictions this weekend. 

  • Concessions for food and coffee will not be available at this time. 
  • There is a deli in the next building (Anthony's and Sons)
  • Streaming is not provided.
  • Food is allowed in the building.
  • Parking is Free.
  • Adult Open Gym Available on some weekends. 

Adult Open Gym - Must register to play, find open gym events on

Coaches need to provide their own first aid kits at tournaments.  The tournament sites are not expected to provide first aid to injured players.  This includes athletic tape, prewrap, instant ice packs, bandaids, antiseptic, etc. 

Athletic Trainer is not available unless provided by the tournament organizer. Typically athletic trainer is not provided. 



If you have a question about a GEVA conducted tournament, please review the following on how to get assistance:

  • If you are a parent or player, please contact your team coach or club director.
  • If you are a team coach, please contact your club director.
  • If you are a club director and need assistance with tournament entries/drops/status, scheduling, formats, or venues, please contact
  • If you are a club director with other types of questions, please contact your area representative on the Junior Competition Committee.